JYJ ft. Kanye West - Ayy Girl


You came and shut it down
Suddenly you run this town
Wanted to be with you
All I needed was me and you

Now everything is changed
You act differently
You do me wrong
I knew all along

I know the type
Flashing lights
Have the time of your life
Livin’ it up for tonight
Yeah she livin’ it up for tonight

Ayy girl? tried to make you my baby
Ayy girl? instead you make me go crazy
I’m losin’ my cool
Playing me for a fool

Ayyyyyyy, ayy girl
Ayyyyyyy, ayy girl

We were so high
We touched the sky
You broke my heart
Tore me apart

I never lost like this
Now it’s you who’ll miss
Light I did give
For the right you do live


So cold in the rain
Gave my heard in vain
(I’m still in love with you I can’t get over you)

Got me goin’ insane
Get out of my brain
(I’m still in love with you I can’t get over you)

Ayy girl!

Artist: JYJ ft. Kanye West
Title: Ayy Girl
Size: 9,93 Mb
Format: MPEG Layer 3 (MP3)
Host: MediaFire



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